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Selling a home can feel exciting or stressful, depending on the circumstances. One thing is for sure, though – once you set out to sell, you’ll want the process to move along fast and seek to get as much money from the sale as possible.

Assuming that you’ve already found a great agent to help with the technical details of the sale, the following tips should help you get your house in great shape so that you can sell both fast and for the highest price possible.

Step #1: De-clutter and de-personalize

In real estate, clutter means anything that may stand in the way of a buyer and which might lower the buyer’s interest in the home. As such, de-cluttering involves the organization of the home and removal of any mess or personal effects to make the property as neutral as possible. We recommend accomplishing the process in three steps;

Remove all personal items: These might include family photos, extensive collections on display, and unique décor.

Remove excess and worn items: Furniture is a common culprit here. Any worn furniture with banged-up corners and torn fabric must go. Also, remove extra chairs and coffee tables. It’s in your best interest to stage the house so the prospective buyers can picture their furniture in the home.

Sort out the rest of your stuff: You might have to move room-to-room to accomplish this step. Anything without purpose must be taken out, and the remaining thing organized purposefully.

Step #2: Make necessary repairs

In some markets, you may be able to sell without making any repairs to the property. However, this is a significant risk and not generally advisable. If potential buyers find cracks in the walls and a few drippy faucets, they may lose the excitement to buy. We recommend the following repair activities;

-Repair damage to all indoor surfaces
-Repair drippy faucets and showerheads
-Unclog slow drains
-Mend torn screens
-Re-nail creaking boards and stairs
-Lubricate squeaky doors
-Replace toilet seats and shower curtains
-Replace burned-out bulbs
-Clean and align gutters and downspouts

Step #3: Boost curb appeal

Spend a weekend getting your exterior in order so that the home feels welcoming to buyers the second they arrive. The following are a few tips to consider;

-Spruce up the yard and landscaping
-Reseal cracks in concrete areas
-Power-wash the exterior
-Remove oil stains from the driveway and garage

Step #4: Repaint if possible

Repainting isn’t a must. However, budget allowing, it’s one of a few improvements that can significantly boost both the appeal and value of your home. The following are a few repainting tips to consider;

-Repaint the front door in an attractive color
-Choose neutral colors for the rest of the house
-It helps to paint both the interior and exterior
-If you can’t paint the whole house, focus on high-impact areas

Step #5: Give the house a deep clean

Now that you’ve de-cluttered, made necessary repairs, worked on curb appeal, and even repainted, the final step is to give the house a thorough clean to rid the place of any dirt and lingering odors. The following cleaning tips should help;

-Clear all cobwebs
-Wash the windows
-Clean all appliances
-Clean out the fireplace
-Thoroughly wash every room
-Wash all light switches, handrails, and doorknobs
-Shampoo carpets and scrub and wax linoleum and wood floors

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