Feel at Home Friday - Valentine's Day

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Yes, Valentine’s Day is highly commercial and may be overrated, but it is an excellent excuse to spend time with a friend or loved one. However, if you would rather skip the crowded restaurants this Valentine’s Day, The Spruce has some wonderful suggestions for a nice evening at home. 

Chocolate Fondue and a movie are Valentine's Day favorites. 

For something different, try this white and dark chocolate fondue recipe

The toptens.com has a great list of popular romantic films

If you want to learn something new about your loved one, The New York Times has a great list of questions.

And for those of you with the travel bug, mapping out a future vacation (suggestion 15) sounds like a great idea. If you are interested in our National Parks, check out this wonderful book

Fig has some great local suggestions as well. 

Have a wonderful weekend, from the Michael Stoltzfus Group, however you spend it!