Curb Appeal Tips to Help Sell Your Home

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The number of homes sold in the US currently stands at 5.25 million for 2019. With many homeowners listing their houses for sale, it may take you some time before you get a buyer. In real estate, first impressions matter, and is what will get your home off the market. Not only will renovations help to make your home sell faster, but you are also much more likely to make a profit out of the sale.

Curb appeal speaks volumes of the effort that a homeowner has put into the maintenance of their house and property. These tips will help you to get your house ready for sale, and help it sell faster.

Manicure Your Landscape

Maintaining your landscape increases the perceived value of your house by 10%. The landscape is the first thing a potential buyer will see when they set foot on your property. If their eyes are met by an appealing lawn, and a nice garden it will increase their interest in your house.

Investing in landscaping is worth it. If possible, hire a professional to enhance the existing design. Clear and shape the shrubs. Water your garden and grass, and be sure to trim overgrown plants. Branches growing out of control will block the buyers from having a clear view of the appealing assets. Having a clean and crisp landscape is a plus for the sale.

Illuminate Your Space

Prospective buyers prefer an illuminated space to a dimly lit one. Life is often chaotic and overwhelming so while most buyers may come during the day, others will only have time at night, after work. Upgrading and providing adequate lighting on your porches ensures that all the features outdoor features of your home are visible to the buyer. Having path lighting also adds appeal, especially when it compliments the exterior design.

Illuminating the interior is equally important. It makes the house cozier and helps to highlight the attractive features of your house. If you have lighting fixtures that are broken, fix them. Replace any blown bulbs, and check that the bulbs match in tone. If lighting is inadequate, consider increasing it by adding additional lamps. Many homeowners forget about the lighting of their basement, be sure to replace the lightbulbs so that potential buyers can clearly see the space. Many buyers will be wanting to use the basement as additional living space and will appreciate if it is functional and well lit. 

Do a Thorough Cleaning

The house should be sparkling clean when potential buyers come to visit. A thorough cleaning session will instantly enhance the curb appeal. Start with the driveway, all the way through the interior. Pay particular attention to the less-used rooms as they will have accumulated dust and dirt. Leave no rock unturned. Many homeowners forget about cleaning the following, the top of cabinets, inside closets, inside cabinets, and along the baseboards. Pay close attention to these spaces as they can make a huge difference to the overall cleanliness of the house.

If your house is large or you simply do not have the additional time, hire professional cleaners to help you with the main preparation. Once you have done a thorough cleaning, all you will need to do is vacuum or sweep before potential buyers visit. Having a thorough cleaning is an investment, both in time and money. However, it pays off: a clean house will sell fast.

Revamp Both Your Front and Garage Door

Just like your landscape, the front door and the garage door are the first noticeable features of your home. To make a good first impression, repaint your doors, repair them, or replace them if they are worn out. A beautiful door greatly enhances the aesthetics of your house and increases its value.

Do Something about Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture should match the appeal of your landscape. Broken furniture should be replaced or removed. If old, a fresh layer of paint will help to make it look brand new. Also, remember to clean it: you use it to entertain your guests.

Unless you enhance the aesthetics of your house, it might take you some time before you get a buyer. Mowing your lawn and working on your landscape will create a great first impression, and help to draw in a prospective buyer interested in your house. The front door, specifically, tells a lot about a person's style, and it is a quick trick to revamp your home's appeal.

Theses tips above are handy in boosting the curb appeal of your house. Put them to test and sell your home faster. 

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