Biggest Mistakes to Avoid when Selling your House

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The real estate market is so competitive nowadays that it can take just one mistake to go from a done deal to no deal. You probably don't even realize that you're making a mistake; you just notice prospective buyers lose interest in your house after a great start. You can ask them why, but consider yourself lucky if they are actually honest about what turned them off. More often than not, they'll give you a reason that's vague to avoid awkward conversations.

If you are noticing that you just can't close the sale of your home, one of these seven mistakes is likely why.

Seven mistakes to avoid when Selling your House

1) Covering major issues

Third-party contractors can be called in by prospects to inspect your house thoroughly, so whatever problems you're hiding will end up surfacing later and put your integrity in question. It's much better to be upfront about any major issues your house has to establish transparency on your side and to build trust on the prospects' side. There will always be people willing to buy a house with issues as long as the price is right.  The other angle to take is to make all the key repairs ahead of listing your site.

2) Skipping repairs

It's good to be honest as mentioned above, but that doesn't mean you should forgo repairs. You can and should present your house in the best possible way. A lot of repairs are quick and simple fixes, like a lubricating a creaking door or sealing a leaking window. But if these issues are not addressed, they can make your house look less enticing to prospects. Take care of all the small repairs that you can!

3) Spending on costly renovations

On the other hand, don't take the upgrades too far! Renovations can cost a pretty penny, and you may not get back your investment when you finally sell your house. Many people will still prefer to make their own paint and carpet choices to suit their tastes, so the updates you make to your house may not necessarily add to its value or appeal.

4) Taking curb appeal for granted

Curb appeal refers to how pleasing a property looks on the outside, specifically when seen from the street. A high curb appeal plays a big role in drawing in prospects. It sets the tone for the whole visit. After all, first impressions do matter, whether in real life or in real estate.

5) Making decisions from the heart

When selling your house, logic should rule over emotions so that you can make decisions that will drive up the value of your house. For example, your heart may resist the idea of changing the current color scheme because it's what you grew up with. But you should listen to your brain when it tells you that switching to a more modern and neutral color scheme will attract more prospects.

6) Setting an unrealistic price 

Price your house too low, and prospects will wonder what's the catch. If someone does decide to purchase, then you're going to be paid with less money than you should be getting. However, if you price your house too high, prospects will think it's not worth the cost. If you're not careful with pricing, you're going to lose either way. When in doubt, always ask a professional! 

7) Doing it on your own

Unless you're a real estate broker, you'll have a hard time selling your house by yourself. You can use social media to generate interest, but it takes a professional to help you make important decisions involving key considerations like pricing and presentation. It’s important to have an objective professional who can assist because they know the markets and see things from a practical perspective.

Are you committing any of these 7 mistakes?  Address them now and improve the chances of selling your house right away. 

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