5 Spring Home Decor Trends

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Spring home trends this year continue to reflect a connection to the outdoors and people’s desire to spend time in nature. From plants to floral wallpaper, individuals look for ways to bring the outdoors inside.


Plants continue to increase in popularity.  Spend a little time on Instagram or Pinterest, and you will quickly notice the growing trend of the indoor houseplant.

According to Pinterest’s Top 2020 Trends, “‘garden rooms’ are up in interest 104%.” Plants do not only add beauty and color to your home, they provide mental and physical benefits. An article in Psychology Today found, “that people who surround themselves with plant life and other forms of natural beauty, indoors and out, experience emotional and mental health benefits that have a positive impact on their social, psychological, physical, cognitive, environmental, and spiritual well-being.”

Some popular houseplants to check out are Pilea, Philodendron, Marantas, and of course, succulents. Check out the website The Sill for all things plant-related.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Gone are the days of the all-white kitchen. Dark, earthy colors, like forest green or navy cabinets, are the new kitchen norm. Two and three-tone kitchens are popular with dark lower cabinets and light upper ones. And three-tone kitchens often include natural elements in the third tone, such as wood, stone, tile, iron, and copper. Some wonderful examples of three-tone kitchens are found in this Houzz article.


After years of removing wallpaper from homes and painting the walls instead, wallpaper is making a comeback. One way to experiment with this trend is to create an accent or a feature wall with wallpaper. Or why not try the peel and stick removable kind, which makes hanging and removing wallpaper a cinch? Large, floral prints are popular like this one from Murals Wallpaper.

Natural Materials (or those that remind us of nature)

Natural materials, such as exposed brick or stone, exposed wooden ceiling beams, wood, linen, and marble are still wildly popular in home decor. Natural materials, like plants, add a calming effect to homes, creating the restfulness people crave. Some examples of products you could incorporate in your home decor are woven baskets, pottery, wood, rattan, woven wall hangings, and leather furniture.

Sustainable Materials

More than ever, people care about the environment and the way their lifestyle affects their surroundings. This thoughtfulness carries over into the ways individuals decorate and shop for their homes. And they accomplish this goal in one of two ways, either by purchasing products made out of sustainable materials or by shopping from companies that employ sustainable practices. Thespruce.com shares the 11 Best Places to Buy Sustainable Home Decor Online. 

These are a handful of the spring trends we have observed. What home decor trends have you noticed, and which of these trends would you like to try this spring?


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